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    Ian Grant Terry Quinlan Architect

Shortly after Clifton Interiors was established, the practice was commissioned to provide the interior furnishings for three Nash inspired villas in Regent’s Park by the Crown Estate. It is a joyous story of luck, timing, tenacity and undeniable talent.

In the early 90s Rosie’s husband was jogging in Regent’s Park when he spied the building work beginning on the Quinlan Terry designed Crown Estate villas. Curiosity and detective work led them to Ian Grant, the esteemed architect responsible for the interior architecture.

Seizing the opportunity with the naïve confidence of the young and undaunted by the scale of the task, Rosie asked to be considered as part of the interior design team. Initially, along with many others, she was asked to tender for the curtains only, but when the bevy of estate agents brought in to market the luxury villas insisted that they had to be fully furnished to sell, it was Rosie who remarkably won the entire interior design contract. It was to prove an accomplished and exceptional start to a stellar career.

in her own words

The Story Continued

“Looking back I should have been overawed at the scale of the job, but with Ian Grant as both teacher and mentor always behind me, those three Crown Estate villas still rank as one of my all-time favourite projects”.
My enduring professional relationship with Ian led to other prestigious projects including the Royal areas of the Royal Albert Hall and the Grade I listed Reform Club. “As we were focusing on the restoration work of historically significant properties, my style at the time reflected the traditional and classic”.
There were also further commissions for the new owners of the Regent’s Park villas.

“At the end of the 90s traditional styles were becoming less fashionable and the trend was for contemporary living. My interior design style naturally evolved to reflect the prevailing tastes. I became fascinated by architecture; my staff diversified to embrace the changes and our experience broadened.”


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