“A strong colour palette flows gently through this spacious five-level home.”

With a working relationship that spans 18 years, architect Mark Ruthven, of Studio Mark Ruthven, and interior designer Rosie Winston, of Clifton Interiors, were the ideal team to work on this stunning contemporary new-build in Hampstead. “We had worked on the former home of the clients – Mark and Katherine Wills – and also on projects for their friends, so they know our work well,” says Mark. “On this occasion, they were building a home from scratch and wanted us to maximise the space available.”

The couple, who have three children, aged 11, 14 and 17, had bought a two-bedroom 1950s house with the intention of knocking it down and building a large six-bedroom contemporary home in its place. Duly appointed and briefed, Studio Mark Ruthven created a spacious, open structure over five levels, with minimal internal walls, double-height windows, huge glass doors and partially open mezzanine floors. “They wanted a light, free-flowing space that connected well with the garden,” says Mark. “This design makes good use of the available footprint, lets in plenty of natural light and allows the house to flow vertically as well as horizontally.”

The open nature of the structure was an important consideration for Rosie when designing the interior. “Mark and Katherine wanted the contemporary nature of the architecture to be reflected in the interior and we know from experience that they’re not afraid of colour,” she says. “With parts of the ground-floor décor being visible from the lower ground floor, the colour scheme and materials needed to be consistent. So we came up with a palette of warm neutrals, dark timber, metallics and stone, with splashes of saffron and blue that would flow throughout the house.”