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”We were delighted with and immensely grateful for the advice and guidance provided by Clifton Interiors in realising the potential in a home refurbishment. The team at Clifton Interiors led us with great courtesy and consideration through the whole project, carefully ascertaining our requirements, suggesting innovative ideas and providing access to a wide range of suppliers and materials. They then gained planning permission, obtained competitive quotes and oversaw the implementation of the project, ensuring it was delivered to specification and on time.”

Roger T.


“Rosie and her wonderful team at Clifton Interiors have undertaken two projects for us, a family house and flat. Rosie possesses a sense of colour, proportion and style and applies it to a sensitive undertanding of her clients’ ambitions. The house was done a little while back and we have been delighted with the combination of style and comfortable family home that we live in. It still receives compliments. The flat was a more recent commission for another family member and again we have all been delighted with the outcome. Clifton really is a nothing is too much trouble organisation, any queries are resolved quickly and we have been very happy with the service and outcomes. We would happily use them again.”

Bradley S.


”Clifton Interiors is a great interior design firm to work with. As a supplier, Savoir Beds values the total professionalism and attention to detail which means that the projects not only look beautiful but run smoothly and efficiently. I know for a fact that this means a better result for their clients. A beautiful result can come out of a nightmare process, but with Clifton Interiors you get the great result without the trauma, which is great for both end client and all involved. Rosie Winston and her team has worked have worked with Savoir Beds for over 20 years, covering many projects so we know that they consistently deliver great results.”

Alastar Hughes

Colleague, Savior Beds

”We hired Clifton Interiors to manage a complete refurbishment of our 5-storey house. The refurb included structural work plus a new kitchen, flooring, bathrooms, furniture, soft furnishings and decorating. I cannot recommend Clifton Interiors highly enough. Rosie and her team managed our project and over-saw every detail (including liaising with the architect and the kitchen company). Her attention to detail, her passion and her knowledge and experience are incredible. Rosie instinctively knew our taste and design and expertly guided us through the vast array of choices we had to make. She has over 30 years of interior design experience and she is simply one of the very best!”

Rachel SP.


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